Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Eight Mile Long Run

First off, welcome to all my new readers from Runs for Cookies! Don't you just LOVE Katie? :)
This post is a little late coming! I was on Spring Break last week and really enjoyed the down time. Maybe a little too much! This weekend, I had a ton of things to do because I did almost nothing during the week. :)

So, if you remember from my last post, (here) after running 7 miles last week, my knee was really sore. Not so bad that I was afraid that I had seriously hurt something, but I was nervous enough that I may not be able to run my half, which is only 6 weeks away.  So on Monday, I tried to run on the treadmill and only went about a mile and a half because it was hurting. I decided to rest my knee for a few more days.

I was way nervous to do my long run this weekend.  On one hand, I was afraid of injuring myself. On the other, I was afraid that if I didn't run, I would fall behind in my training and would have to miss out on my half.  I really don't want to miss it.  I decided to run.

It was a beautiful day for a run. It was really sunny so I decided to wear a visor to keep the sun out of my face. Great decision. :) Except then my step daughter told me I looked like I was going golfing.

The beginning of the run was hard. I was tired and slow. But about 2 miles in, I realized that I was going to finish.  I was nervous about miles 3-4 because that's where my knee started hurting last time, but I was wearing a brace this time and had no trouble.

I finished my eight mile run pretty strong. At 2 hours and 3 minutes, I was only a few minutes of the 15 minute mile pace, which I am happy with right now. Side note, my knee started hurting as soon as I stopped running to cool down with a walk. Weird, right? The pain irritation went away before I was even done stretching.
I recharged with some greek yogurt and some ice on my knee. I also informed my husband that he was in charge of dinner. He slaved over the hot ordered pizza, which I was really okay with because he got me my favorite. Papa Murphy's Gourmet Veggie deLight. Check this baby out. I could've eaten the whole thing.

I limited myself to 2 pieces. I thought they were 8 WW points each, but when I tracked them I was pleasantly surprised to find they were only 5 points. Score!! When my dear husband asked if I needed anything else, I told him that I really needed him to go put the pizza away so I wouldn't eat any more of it!

OH! I almost forgot to tell you. I really felt like a runner today when I took off my shoes and socks and saw that I had two bruised toenails! I was a nice blogger and didn't take pictures of that. You're welcome.  Since I have started accumulating a few different running injuries, I decided I would hit up the running store in town and find out about getting some proper running shoes.  That post is coming up next.  Stay tuned...

What about you? Do you love a veggie pizza like I do? Do you have any gnarly running injuries to share?
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  1. Glad the knee was a bit better for your big run but sorry it's a little tender again! Ouch! But fantastic job on that run! That's really awesome!
    Ahhh bruised toenails means that you really are a runner! :)